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I first knew Josine personally, and when she told me about her work with energy healing I was intrigued. I was interested in seeing if she could help me in areas that my doctors couldn’t.

The results of our meetings were that I always left feeling well rested, refreshed, and above all I felt heard and understood. For me the sense that I was understood was extremely meaningful and valuable and I could tell it made a huge impact on my overall wellbeing. Over time, several of my medical issues improved, especially gynaecological and hormonal issues for which I have found Western medicine doctors don’t have very good answers.

Josine also helped me to see emotional connections between my life and my medical issues that I wasn’t aware of or prepared to deal with on my own and I think that was really important for me. I wouldn’t have gone to Josine to find those connections and if I had known that might happen, I might not have gone at all! However, she made it so easy to talk, and so comfortable, that I felt safe exploring uncomfortable ideas.

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