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Before I started my work with Josine, I was working long hours and my days always felt too short. I was always busy and sometimes I had trouble sleeping during the night because of the excitement of things that were going on in my company. I was looking for more structure and a better balance between work and relaxing time.

During our sessions I was talking and talking and talking, I was glad to share with Josine everything what was on my mind including various projects and business plans. Josine listened patiently and from time to time asked relevant and insightful questions which encouraged me to think about things in a different way. The main things I have learned during our work together is the importance of making a bigger plan; a retro-planning of everything that has to be done. By working with Josine I have learned to prioritize. This has helped me to focus more and automatically my mind has become more peaceful and I am no longer occupied with constant thoughts concerning what needs to get done every moment of the day. My work is more efficient and when I leave for the day I no longer take my job home with me. The result is a better work-life balance. The stress in my life has decreased and the fun has increased. The sessions with Josine were always very satisfying and positive and a good way to structure my plans and ideas and to see what I needed to do first. Josine is a very inspiring, relaxed and a super friendly and warm person!

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