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My name is Jelena. I am a 33 year old mother of three happy kids and I work as a personal trainer.

My life had been happy, healthy and active, until I started to feel pain in my feet and toes. The pain was manageable in the beginning but developed into acute pain which prevented me from walking properly and influenced my ability to sleep through the night. I visited 9 doctors in 8 months trying to find the cause of my pain and was preparing for the option of surgery which I had hoped to avoid. Finally I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I could not believe my ears and idea of taking medication and monitoring my health with doctors was just too overwhelming I realised I had to do something to try and turn things around.

I had known Josine for some time already, but never knew exactly what she worked with and what ‘¬ĚHolistic healing’ really meant. I always felt good around her and she had calm welcoming energy each time I saw and spoke to her so I decided to give a healing session with her a try. Once I entered her healing office and we had discussion about my health, I immediately felt reassured and safe to open up and discuss things I didn’t even know were there for me to discuss. That day I made the decision to heal myself by combining the medication prescribed by the doctor and healing sessions with Josine. For me the two methods complimented each other perfectly and after some time I no longer felt the need for medication. After eliminating the medication, I continued working with Josine for my emotional health and to release pain from my past.

I still remember the day, when my doctor told me, it would be difficult to get pregnant after the medication I had taken. After cleansing my body from the medication and with Josine’s healing sessions to support me, I got pregnant with the baby girl! She is healthy as am I! I am running again and lifting heavy weights just as I used to do before the Arthritis. Sometime I feel some pain, but it is nothing compared to the painful months I had before. Today I am happy person, and I miss Josine’s healing every day!

Working with Josine was the greatest investment towards my health! I would highly recommend Josine to any person who is looking for more than doctor’s appointments and prescription medication, either for issues with physical health or emotional well being!

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