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Starting my first company in an unknown country is an incredible experience, but very tough to do on your own. Josine has been by my side during all the ups and downs that have been a part of the process, supporting both the professional and personal aspects with equal devotion and skill.

During this turbulent period experiences, opinions and decisions seemed overwhelming. By asking the right questions, Josine helped me gain awareness of my own values, and find the answers to why and what I want as well as how I feel. The most empowering part was knowing that it was all my choice. This relieved the pressure because I was free to choose to take action or not, to decide one way or another, and I gained confidence in the process.

I learned the importance of making my decisions consciously. Sometimes my surroundings didn’t understand my choices and I learned to accept that they are walking their path and that too is ok. She helped remind me that I am responsible for my own happiness and this was the greatest gift of all.

Josine is an experienced business woman, which allows her to understand the complexity of starting a business. Her accurate input and ability to highlight the important issues worked perfectly for me. I gained the confidence I needed to set goals and reach them.

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