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sandra circle smallI have been working with Josine for three years now. Today we do our sessions long distance from Abidjan to Milan.

When we began, I had been seeing a child psychologist for several months to help me work on my relationship with my daughter and although it had provided some support and relief it was not bringing about the shift I was looking for. I felt stuck. Around then that I was told about Josine’s practice and decided to give it a try. I had previously had Reiki treatments but never worked with a Brennan practitioner before. I was open to trying something new and also reassured by Josine’s matter of factness and a practical quality I sensed in her. We lived in the same world, she was present and could easily relate.

Some of the benefits I felt from our sessions and the energy healings; I noticed an increased sense of relaxation and calmness, my mind felt quieter and my body better. I remember a deep sense of peace and support after our sessions. Life just felt better! I felt lighter and all-round happier. Josine is a generous listener and offered gentle insights. She led me to see there were new possibilities as and I began to envision things differently. Gradually, I felt more in touch with myself, with my wants and needs and increasingly empowered to respond to them; my self-care improved as did my self-esteem. Josine encouraged me to listen to my intuition and empowered me to trust my instincts. I felt stronger and more capable. I had wanted to make changes and now I could begin to see them take form. All of this organically led to smoother relationships with myself and my family as well as an all round more nourishing life for myself.

I am very grateful to Josine for walking alongside me as I uncovered more of myself. Her integrity is something I appreciate. She is a calming, reliable, encouraging and inspiring presence in my life. I am ever so grateful our paths crossed and value her continued presence in my life.

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