Best of Both

Best of Both

I use both coaching skills in my energy healing work and my energy healing skills in my coaching sessions. Nevertheless it is also a possibility to incorporate both more explicitly into one session. Therefore I offer my Best of Both session. The session is between 60 - 75 minutes. First we will have 40 minutes coaching time followed by a 20 minutes healing session.

The insights and treasures that come out of the coaching time will be deeply embedded in your being by the healing sessions leading to a profound and effective alignment of your intentions.

Please see the Coaching and Energy Healing pages for more information about these two modalities.

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Roxane Koutsoloukas, Athens, Greece

Roxane Koutsoloukas, Athens, Greece

Josine is an experienced business woman which allows her to understand the complexity of starting a business. Working with her I learned the importance of making my decisions consciously. Her accurate input and ability to highlight the important issues worked perfectly for me. I gained the confidence I needed to set goals and reach them.

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