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Best of Both

Best of Both

I use both coaching skills in my energy healing work and my energy healing skills in my coaching sessions. Nevertheless it is also a possibility to incorporate both more explicitly into one session. Therefore I offer my Best of Both session. The session is between 60 - 75 minutes. First we will have 40 minutes coaching time followed by a 20 minutes healing session.

The insights and treasures that come out of the coaching time will be deeply embedded in your being by the healing sessions leading to a profound and effective alignment of your intentions.

Please see the Coaching and Energy Healing pages for more information about these two modalities.

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Energy Healing

Mulenga Mutantabowa, Zambia

Mulenga Mutantabowa, Zambia

Josine made me start looking at things differently. She has really helped me in appreciating the little things of life  and saying no to other things so that I can concentrate on the things that make me feel satisfied.

I have been able to slowly go back to my routine and feel fulfilled as I serve my family and friends. Thank you Josine.

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