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Energy Healing

Energy Healing

There is a conditioning that life needs to be a struggle and to achieve we need to push our way towards accomplishment. With healing we get to experience the natural impulse life has to move forward. Our physical body has amazing self healing abilities. By reminding the body what it feels like to be balanced, the individual is given the opportunity to experience the true effortlessness and ease that our body has in order to thrive.

In my energy work I use skills and techniques which I learned in my 4 years studying at BBSH, a world renowned institute for energy work and personal transformation. What I do with healing is clearing balancing and charging, often identifying blocks in the system that are hindering the healthy flow of energy that our bodies are naturally made to have.

The client is then able to let go and the energy flow becomes effortless. The opportunities for growth and change then become endless and my role as healer is to help the client connect with their inner strength and uncover what it is they truly want to create for themselves in their lives. For some it is a life with less physical pain, for others it is a more fulfilling life professionally, personally and even spiritually.

It is about you

Benefits of Energy Healing

Energy work or energy healing can support physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges. It helps you to discover your own unique path in life. A transformation that very often leads to a more centered, balanced and loving life and life experience, which in turn results in personal and professional fulfilment.

Wellness and health is maintained through an optimal flow and balance of the human energy field. The energy field is affected by both internal and external factors. Eventually, dis-ease can result due to imbalance and unhealthy flow. This holistic system of healing is a gentle yet powerful method of clearing, charging and balancing the energy field. This can help to restore health to one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Energy healing works directly with the field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. Different aspects of the energy field contain different aspects of the human experience, such as physical structure, emotion, mental activity, relationships, and so forth. Working with the energy field, it is therefore possible to bring about healing in all dimensions, encouraging physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, improved relationships with oneself and others, clearer purpose in life and more peace in one’s soul.

How it helps
Energy Healing may support and facilitate you on many different levels:
  • Increased sense of well-being or feeling lighter
  • Deep states of relaxation
  • Reduced stress and increased pleasure
  • Heightened clarity and focus
  • Balancing of the body systems resulting in a feeling of being grounded in the physical body
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • A sense of safety to express feelings and thoughts
  • Conscious awakening and mindfulness
  • Renewed sense of self-acceptance and opening to personal power
  • Healing and transformation of relationships
  • Healing of chronic conditions
  • Deeper contact to creative movement and expression
  • Personal evolution
  • Ability to heal more quickly
  • Recovery from trauma
  • Sense of life purpose and alignment with life task
  • Reversal of the disease process

Long distance sessions

Energy healing is a modality that can be done effectively via distance since energy is fundamentally intangible and I am working on the level of intention. It doesn’t have physical limitations. I love the distance modality, as it allows me to work with clients I really connect with but aren’t local.

Barbara Brennan Healing Science

Brennan Healing Science is a unique and highly specialized form of energy healing developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan, physicist, therapist, healer and author of the bestselling book ‘Hands of Light’ and founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Brennan Healing Science is a set of Hands On Healing techniques to clean, charge, balance and stabilize your energy field as well as a set of psycho energetic development skills used to bring to conscious awareness the psychological dynamics that can bring on stagnation, blockage, a lack and/or a stop of the circulation of the energy in the HSED.

Brennan Healing Science Practitioners complete over 2000 hours of extensive study and practice in the 4 year program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

These services complement medical and psychological treatment.

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Best of Both

Sandra Vasiljevic Berset, Milan, Italy

Sandra Vasiljevic Berset, Milan, Italy

Josine encouraged me to listen to my intuition and empowered me to trust my instincts. I had wanted to make changes and now I could begin to see them take form. I am very grateful to Josine for walking alongside me as I uncovered more of myself. Her integrity is something I appreciate. I am ever so grateful our paths crossed.

I have been working with Josine for three years now. Today we do our sessions long distance from Abidjan to Milan.

When we began, I had been seeing a child psychologist for several months to help me work on my relationship with my daughter and although it had provided some support and relief it was not bringing about the shift I was looking for. I felt stuck. Around then that I was told about Josine’s practice and decided to give it a try. I had previously had Reiki treatments but never worked with a Brennan practitioner before. I was open to trying something new and also reassured by Josine’s matter of factness and a practical quality I sensed in her. We lived in the same world, she was present and could easily relate.

Some of the benefits I felt from our sessions and the energy healings; I noticed an increased sense of relaxation and calmness, my mind felt quieter and my body better. I remember a deep sense of peace and support after our sessions. Life just felt better! I felt lighter and all-round happier. Josine is a generous listener and offered gentle insights. She led me to see there were new possibilities as and I began to envision things differently. Gradually, I felt more in touch with myself, with my wants and needs and increasingly empowered to respond to them; my self-care improved as did my self-esteem. Josine encouraged me to listen to my intuition and empowered me to trust my instincts. I felt stronger and more capable. I had wanted to make changes and now I could begin to see them take form. All of this organically led to smoother relationships with myself and my family as well as an all round more nourishing life for myself.

I am very grateful to Josine for walking alongside me as I uncovered more of myself. Her integrity is something I appreciate. She is a calming, reliable, encouraging and inspiring presence in my life. I am ever so grateful our paths crossed and value her continued presence in my life.

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