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Confidence, Clarity & Ease

You are the starting point. We will develop a plan together that is based on whatever you seek to achieve, change or fulfill in your life. My job is to ask thought provoking questions as well as listen and empower you to uncover the skills and creativity you already possess, rather than instruct or advise.

Whether you want to work on your stress levels, create a better balance between work and family, discover what it is you are passionate about, find a new job that really suits you, enjoy a loving relationship with yourself and others or just need someone to talk to, coaching is an open modality that supports and follows your lead.

Coaching is action oriented and assists you determine WHAT you really want, WHEN you will do it and HOW to get it done. I work with you and hold you accountable, keeping you focused on moving forward to your personal and professional goals.

My professional training includes Co-Active Coach® training and certification with CTI®, the Coaches Training Institute where I received my CPCC certification.

How it works

With coaching we start with a complimentary conversation to see if we are the "right fit" for each other.

If so, we begin our coaching relationship with a discovery session to set the foundation so both you and I can get a clear view of where you are starting from and what you want to achieve.

From there we move into ongoing coaching sessions. These are 60 minutes sessions depending on your needs once or twice a month.

I recommend to do a least 6 sessions for you to get the most effective results.

Co - Active Coaching®

Co-active Coaching is based on the Co-Active Model® developed by the Coaches Training Institute® (CTI). CTI is the largest in-person coach training school in the world. The Co-Active Model® is a whole-life coaching approach which enables people to achieve success and fulfillment in their work and life through a powerful coach/client alliance that promotes and enhances the lifelong process of learning.

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Best of Both

Rosette Wamambe, Uganda

Rosette Wamambe, Uganda

I enjoyed working with Josine. She is able to guide you to dig deep and discover what is holding you from living a full and abundant life. I also found her to be knowledgable, patient and authentic. I walked away with ideas to improve my life and business.

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