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Ellen Cathrine Rasmussen, Oslo, Norway

Josine’s coaching concept was a perfect match to my needs. I found myself in a stressful work situation where I was not able to analyze and manage it as good as I could and should have.

Already from the first session I felt Josine had helped to clarify my thoughts and priorities through good questioning and listening skills. The six sessions we had helped me tremendously in that particular work situation, but it also gave thoughts and tools that I can use in new situations. I can give Josine my best recommendations.

Angela Mukono, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

I am very happy I got a chance to meet with you Josine because you have helped me to prioritize my goals which was something that I have been struggling with. Now, I can confidently say that, I have a better work- life boundaries and I am able to balance my work, family and be able to socialize with my friends.

Roelien, Luxemburg

I experienced my sessions with Josine as very pleasant. She is a good listener and although we had our sessions online, she also reflected on my expressions and body language. The sessions with Josine gave me directions on how to handle myself in situations in which I feel insecure. She also gave me insights on how to avoid making myself small. I felt safe during our sessions and able to talk about everything.

Tonje Camilla Kristensen, Norway

Meeting Josine, was about being at the right place, at the right time … We met twice by coincidence and one day Josine called me and asked if I was interested in some coach sessions for my new ”start up” business in Abidjan.

Femke Zwaan, The Hague, the Netherlands

By working with Josine I have learned to prioritize. This has helped me to focus more and automatically my mind has become more peaceful and I am no longer occupied with constant thoughts concerning what needs to get done every moment of the day. The result is a better work-life balance. The stress in my life has decreased and the fun has increased.

Debbie G., London, UK

I first knew Josine personally, and when she told me about her work with energy healing I was intrigued. I was interested in seeing if she could help me in areas that my doctors couldn’t. During our sessions I always felt heard and understood and I could tell it made a huge impact on my overall wellbeing. Over time, several of my medical issues improved, especially gynaecological and hormonal issues for which I have found Western medicine doctors don’t have very good answers.

Manuel Ferriol, Spain

On a moment of my life in which work was taking 99% of my energy, I sought for help to be able to balance my work and lifetime with the goal of finding my wellbeing.

Jelena, Athens, Greece

Working with Josine was the greatest investment towards my health! I would highly recommend Josine to any person who is looking for more than doctor’s appointments and prescription medication, either for issues with physical health or emotional well being!

Noémie Guyot, France

I feel a lot of gratitude today for having met Josine, she knew with immense benevolence to accompany me to allow me to offer myself the most beautiful gift to connect to myself and to bring to light my deep self. What I appreciate is that thanks to Josine I not only understood that all the answers were in me but in addition I learned and I learn every day to connect to me.

Sandra Vasiljevic Berset, Milan, Italy

Josine encouraged me to listen to my intuition and empowered me to trust my instincts. I had wanted to make changes and now I could begin to see them take form. I am very grateful to Josine for walking alongside me as I uncovered more of myself. Her integrity is something I appreciate. I am ever so grateful our paths crossed.

Rosette Wamambe, Uganda

I enjoyed working with Josine. She is able to guide you to dig deep and discover what is holding you from living a full and abundant life. I also found her to be knowledgable, patient and authentic. I walked away with ideas to improve my life and business.

Kirsten Zindel, the Netherlands

I reached out to Josine during a period of profound uncertainty about my professional career. Despite having pursued my lifelong dream in the development sector for over 15 years, I found myself facing a sense of unfulfillment.

Lily Scheuerpflug, Germany

Josine and I have been in touch for just over one year. We started speaking regularly during a time in which I was avoiding confrontation with some negative experiences in my life and was simultaneously trying to have a fresh start in a new place. Before we spoke regularly, I would often feel anxious, overwhelmed and be in denial of my feelings and fears.

Roxane Koutsoloukas, Athens, Greece

Josine is an experienced business woman which allows her to understand the complexity of starting a business. Working with her I learned the importance of making my decisions consciously. Her accurate input and ability to highlight the important issues worked perfectly for me. I gained the confidence I needed to set goals and reach them.

Mulenga Mutantabowa, Zambia

Josine made me start looking at things differently. She has really helped me in appreciating the little things of life and saying no to other things so that I can concentrate on the things that make me feel satisfied.

Ellen Cathrine Rasmussen, Oslo, Norway

Josine’s coaching concept was a perfect match to my needs. I found myself in a stressful work situation where I was not able to analyze and manage it as good as I could and should have.

Lebohang Bereng, Lesotho & Côte d’Ivoire

My personal and business coaching journey with Josine has been nothing but a great pleasure. As a psychologist, I know the value of taking the time to step back and take stock for a positive and successful development. Josine’s openness and exceptional work ethic kept me coming for more growth.


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